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    Kadina Cemetery, South Australia

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    [Kadina Cemetery] [South Australia]


    Address, Village, Town or City : Latitude: -33.94840195014572, Longitude: 137.7091544866562


       Name   Location 
    1.Kadina CemeteryKadina, South Australia, Australia


    Matches 1 to 55 of 55

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried:    Person ID 
    1 Gwen R.  6 Apr 1935Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P28943
    2 Mary Kathleen  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27164
    3 Reta  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27161
    4 BAKER, Gertrude Eilleen  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27081
    5 BISHOP, Muriel  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P26183
    6 DAYMAN, Marion Elizabeth  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P20313
    7 DODD, Eliza Eunice  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P21791
    8 DODD, Olive Beatrice  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27072
    9 DODD, William Hedley Richard  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P26205
    10 HANCOCK, Frederick  23 Jul 1932Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P21316
    11 HASTINGS, Annie  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27130
    12 HEAD, Celia May  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27056
    13 ISAAC, Caroline Louisa  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P17959
    14 LAWRENCE, John Henry  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P26179
    15 LIHOU, Marjorie Dorothy  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27083
    16 LUKEMAN, Roma Lillian  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27086
    17 LUKEMAN, Stanley Raymond  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27088
    18 MITCHELL, Alfred Daniel  30 Mar 1930Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27115
    19 MITCHELL, William Alfred Raymond  11 May 1981Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P28948
    20 MUTTON, Jane Ann  21 Aug 1910Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P9390
    21 POLKINGHORNE, Mary Jane  24 Aug 1963Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27057
    22 PRYOR, Frances Mary  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27263
    23 RAYMOND, Annie  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P18165
    24 RAYMOND, Catherine  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P15325
    25 RAYMOND, Clifford  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P26200
    26 RAYMOND, Daroyle Leslie  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27144
    27 RAYMOND, Foster Dodd  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P21798
    28 RAYMOND, Hubert Keith  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P21799
    29 RAYMOND, John  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P13728
    30 RAYMOND, Keith Dodd  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27129
    31 RAYMOND, Kenneth  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27082
    32 RAYMOND, Malcolm Foster  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27140
    33 RAYMOND, Margaret Roma  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P21796
    34 RAYMOND, Mary Ann  5 Dec 1932Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P15505
    35 RAYMOND, Nicholas  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P15790
    36 RAYMOND, Sydney  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P18164
    37 RAYMOND, Sydney John  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P26201
    38 RAYMOND, Walter Ray  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P21795
    39 RAYMOND, Willie  30 Nov 1936Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P15504
    40 REYNOLDS, Lois  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P26192
    41 REYNOLDS, Thomas Newton Warne  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P21800
    42 RIDDLE, Clarence Frederick  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27091
    43 SCHULZ, Edith Rose  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27080
    44 SMITH, Annie  30 Aug 1902Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P28937
    45 SMITH, Colin  13 Mar 1921Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P28939
    46 SMITH, George Alfred  17 Aug 1902Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P28731
    47 SMITH, George Henry  21 Apr 1947Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27067
    48 STAPLES, Ada  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P11980
    49 TRENWITH, Hedley Richard  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P27113
    50 WILLIAMS, Louisa  13 Jun 1915Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P21318
    51 YELLAND, Colin Ross  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P11984
    52 YELLAND, Eliza  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P9382
    53 YELLAND, Lisle Eldrick  Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P11983
    54 YELLAND, Nicholas  12 Dec 1910Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P9153
    55 YELLAND, Nicholas  23 May 1915Kadina Cemetery, South Australia P11975

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