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    California, USA

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     : Latitude: 37.2827946, Longitude: -119.72900


    Matches 1 to 73 of 73

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 AMARANTES, Charlotte Louise  17 Jul 1895California, USA P18965
    2 AUSTIN, Lewis W.  1895California, USA P10277
    3 BENDER, Richard Warren  31 Aug 1939California, USA P32927
    4 BONNEY, Christina Desmond  1907California, USA P29888
    5 BONNEY, Ethelind May  12 May 1875California, USA P10271
    6 BONNEY, Ida Scott  May 1873California, USA P10270
    7 BONNEY, Richard Warren  Abt 1872California, USA P10269
    8 BONNEY, Richard Warren  20 Jul 1905California, USA P10322
    9 BONNEY, Ruth Allen  20 Jan 1887California, USA P10272
    10 BOSWORTH, Lida  19 Nov 1904California, USA P10360
    11 BROWN, Mary Ella  25 Nov 1866California, USA P3086
    12 CORNELIUS, Ethel  Abt 1886California, USA P23985
    13 DYER, Ruth Evelyn  3 May 1892California, USA P10064
    14 FAULKNER, Ray  21 May 1894California, USA P24608
    15 GIBSON, Beatrice   P20331
    16 GRUNSKY, Albert Linwood  11 Nov 1903California, USA P10313
    17 GRUNSKY, Amy Flora E.  13 Feb 1906California, USA P10314
    18 GRUNSKY, Carl A.  2 Jul 1859California, USA P10309
    19 GRUNSKY, Carl Edgar  16 Apr 1896California, USA P10310
    20 GRUNSKY, Edith Harriet  13 Jun 1907California, USA P10315
    21 GRUNSKY, Ernest W.  23 Jan 1901California, USA P10312
    22 GRUNSKY, Irvin Llewellyn  31 Dec 1897California, USA P10311
    23 HAWKE, Lloyd  Oct 1898California, USA P24114
    24 HOLROYD, Edna S.  12 Oct 1893California, USA P10954
    25 JAMES, Doral Mildred  26 Nov 1929California, USA P25461
    26 JOHNS CHAMBERLAIN, Robert Alan   P10799
    27 KEMPTHORNE, Ethel  17 Oct 1897California, USA P22421
    28 KIGHT, George Marion  6 Apr 1898California, USA P33043
    29 LOBB, Bessie  Nov 1869California, USA P31158
    30 LOBB, Carrie  Abt 1876California, USA P31161
    31 LOBB, Elizabeth J.  Apr 1874California, USA P31160
    32 LOBB, John H.  Nov 1871California, USA P31159
    33 LOBB, Minnie  Jul 1880California, USA P31162
    34 MARTYN, Alice Jane  29 Aug 1885California, USA P10405
    35 MARTYN, Bertha Yelland  30 Jun 1891California, USA P10408
    36 MARTYN, Grace Annie  26 Aug 1889California, USA P10407
    37 MARTYN, William Marshall  1 Sep 1887California, USA P10406
    38 McCAFFREY, Louis  26 Feb 1900California, USA P15061
    39 McCORD, Ruby Doris  5 Jul 1902California, USA P26094
    40 MUGFORD, Samuel Clyde  23 Jan 1882California, USA P22422
    41 PARKER, Alice Catherine  23 Dec 1895California, USA P10276
    42 PHELPS, Roger Sherman  2 Jul 1876California, USA P10268
    43 ROBBINS, Jeanetta I.  Abt 1890California, USA P18952
    44 SCHULZE, Barbara Kathleen  14 Feb 1911California, USA P23880
    45 SMITH, Walter Alexander  06 Apr 1882California, USA P18960
    46 TRETHEWAY, Alice Rebecca  26 May 1891California, USA P5908
    47 TRETHEWAY, Almon R.  08 Feb 1889California, USA P5907
    48 TRETHEWAY, Amy Arthur  May 1875California, USA P3082
    49 TRETHEWAY, Cecil Evert  26 Dec 1902California, USA P5874
    50 TRETHEWAY, Charles Willard  23 Apr 1883California, USA P5905
    51 TRETHEWAY, Edgar Roylance  Nov 1892California, USA P3087
    52 TRETHEWAY, Effie A.  07 Nov 1878California, USA P19213
    53 TRETHEWAY, Ellen  Oct 1871California, USA P3081
    54 TRETHEWAY, George Franklin  16 Jul 1886California, USA P5906
    55 TRETHEWAY, Ila L. V.  Mar 1895California, USA P5774
    56 TRETHEWAY, Imelda H.  Abt 1907California, USA P10305
    57 TRETHEWAY, John Dunbar  23 Jul 1880California, USA P5904
    58 TRETHEWAY, Leslie Nathan  6 Feb 1898California, USA P5873
    59 TRETHEWAY, Roland Frederick  22 May 1904California, USA P5875
    60 TRETHEWAY, Walter Yelland  7 Jan 1881California, USA P3085
    61 TRETHEWEY, James A.  Mar 1893California, USA P24607
    62 TRUSCOTT, Solomon  Jul 1861California, USA P1713
    63 VARCOE, Edith Mary  Abt 1896California, USA P24263
    64 WHITE, Maria Redlands  1891California, USA P19661
    65 WHITE, Mildred M.  26 Feb 1899California, USA P19667
    66 YELLAND, Alfred Spencer  3 Aug 1883California, USA P9323
    67 YELLAND, Alice Catherine  02 Dec 1916California, USA P10291
    68 YELLAND, Annie May  Apr 1896California, USA P9329
    69 YELLAND, Edith Adelaide  4 Feb 1886California, USA P9324
    70 YELLAND, Edward Prescott  14 Jun 1918California, USA P10292
    71 YELLAND, Nadeane Marie  26 Sep 1924California, USA P10293
    72 YELLAND, Richard Lorin  7 Nov 1893California, USA P9328
    73 YELLAND, Sherman Albert  Apr 1888California, USA P10454


    Matches 1 to 22 of 22

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died:    Person ID 
    1 Geneva  27 Jan 2000California, USA P24713
    2 BARLEY, Lela May  4 Nov 1998California, USA P10285
    3 BARLEY, Roy Bryant  25 Sep 1963California, USA P10274
    4 BENDER, Richard Warren  16 May 1991California, USA P32927
    5 BENDER, Warren Clark  13 Feb 1974California, USA P10329
    6 BONNEY, Christina Desmond  1908California, USA P29888
    7 BULLEN, Grace Constance  1904California, USA P26805
    8 BURT, Thomas John  Feb 1973California, USA P23204
    9 CROWLE, Rosamond Alma  28 Dec 1891California, USA P9682
    10 DOSTAL, Marlene Antoinette  31 Mar 2016California, USA P12669
    11 FLAVILLE, Kenneth Seary  Oct 1988California, USA P18749
    12 GARBER, Wanda Louise  20 Oct 2000California, USA P24965
    13 HANCOCK, Vernon Samuel  26 Oct 1967California, USA P17701
    14 McCORD, Lois Leota  30 Dec 1974California, USA P6026
    15 SCHWEITZER, Robert James  Jan 1974California, USA P11263
    16 WEEKS, Charles Blanchard  12 Oct 1991California, USA P2378
    17 WHITE, Maria Redlands  1892California, USA P19661
    18 YELLAND, Albert Edwards  29 Apr 2007California, USA P19225
    19 YELLAND, James Eddy  4 Sep 2011California, USA P10464
    20 YELLAND, William Joseph  2 Jul 1985California, USA P11767
    21 YELLAND, Yvonne  28 May 2007California, USA P10461
    22 YELLAND, Zella Louise  01 Feb 2003California, USA P10460


    Matches 1 to 10 of 10

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 AUSTIN / YELLAND  Abt 1927California, USA F2917
    2 BONNEY / DESMOND  Abt 1901California, USA F3162
    3 CRONK / HARVEY   F4139
    4 EDWARDS / JEFFERY  21 May 1925California, USA F5443
    5 FRYER / CUMMINGS  1943California, USA F7258
    6 PICKETT / LONG  30 Jun 1944California, USA F9822
    7 SEIFERT / YOUNG   F7498
    8 SMITH / WEBB  7 Aug 1943California, USA F3150
    9 TRETHEWAY / EICHELBERGER  Abt 1908California, USA F1087
    10 TRETHEWEY / ARTHUR  Aft 1877California, USA F5569

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