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    Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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    Address, Village, Town or City : Latitude: -38.147213, Longitude: 144.360694


    Matches 1 to 44 of 44

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BAKKER, Michael Bernard   P20237
    2 CAHIR, Debra Joyce   P20233
    3 CAHIR, John Laurence   P20231
    4 CAHIR, Julie Susan   P20232
    5 COSTER, Neil Murray   P20230
    6 CRAIG, Jessica Katheryne   P14910
    7 CRAIG, Letitia Angelique   P14911
    8 CULPH, John Thomas  1864Geelong, Victoria, Australia P11313
    9 DEW, Ashley Stephen   P20236
    10 DEW, Geoffrey Simon   P20235
    11 DEW, Ralph Ivon   P20234
    12 DRIVER, Thomas James   P13609
    13 HEWETT, David Andrew   P20242
    14 HEWETT, Glenn Morris   P20243
    15 HEWETT, Linda Gaye   P20240
    16 HEWETT, Rhonda Maureen  31 Jul 1962Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20239
    17 HEWETT, Trevor  03 May 1965Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20241
    18 HUMPHREY, Ernest Charles Leslie  1888Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20726
    19 INDEBERG, Callen Dal   P22188
    20 INDEBERG, Gabby Louise   P22192
    21 INDEBERG, Jack Riley   P22190
    22 INDEBERG, Max Levon   P22191
    23 KELLY, Heather Margaret   P14292
    24 MATHESON, Malcolm Alexander   P12761
    25 MITCHELL, Emma Jane  21 Aug 1850Geelong, Victoria, Australia P11359
    26 MITCHELL, Mary Ann  1855Geelong, Victoria, Australia P11461
    27 MOLLER, Soren Einart  30 Mar 1840Geelong, Victoria, Australia P13731
    28 MOORFOOT, Maureen Jean  28 Aug 1939Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20238
    29 O'KEEFE, Trisha Carol   P16769
    30 PALMER, Thomas Henry  22 Apr 1894Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20153
    31 PENDLEBURY, Norman Richard   P12810
    32 STRACHAN, Robert Hendra   P9541
    33 TAYLOR, Charles Leslie  23 May 1904Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10631
    34 TAYLOR, Dudley Thomas  1908Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10632
    35 TAYLOR, Edwin Francis  1886Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10628
    36 TAYLOR, Elizabeth Ann  1874Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10625
    37 TAYLOR, Ethel May  1894Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10629
    38 TAYLOR, George Alfred  1877Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10626
    39 TAYLOR, John William  1872Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10624
    40 TAYLOR, Mervin Leonard  1910Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10633
    41 TAYLOR, Thomas Charles  1880Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10627
    42 TUNE, Simon Geoffrey   P22224
    43 VAGUE, Robin Denis   P14291
    44 YELLAND, Elizabeth  1852Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10613


    Matches 1 to 32 of 32

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died:    Person ID 
    1 BABINGTON, Erwin Claude  11 Dec 2010Geelong, Victoria, Australia P22173
    2 BROCKENSHIRE, Mervyn Lancelot  1971Geelong, Victoria, Australia P16393
    3 BULLUSS, Anita Joy  2011Geelong, Victoria, Australia P33281
    4 CULPH, Emma May  28 Aug 1973Geelong, Victoria, Australia P11318
    5 DEWAR, John Young  6 Sep 1897Geelong, Victoria, Australia P24063
    6 HAYWARD, Ada Winifred  1943Geelong, Victoria, Australia P13781
    7 HAYWARD, Joseph Henry  1977Geelong, Victoria, Australia P13330
    8 HENDRA, Lucretia Rosena Martha Yelland  1908Geelong, Victoria, Australia P2687
    9 HENDY, Marian Grace  11 Jun 1980Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20209
    10 HEWETT, Albert Henry  24 Apr 2011Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20228
    11 HEWETT, Henry Morris  6 May 1968Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20225
    12 HEWETT, Rhonda Maureen  1 Aug 1962Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20239
    13 HEWETT, Trevor  03 May 1965Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20241
    14 JEFFERY, John  3 May 1902Geelong, Victoria, Australia P13721
    15 MACARTNEY, Verona Doreen  1963Geelong, Victoria, Australia P16403
    16 MOLLER, Charles Frederic  1961Geelong, Victoria, Australia P13955
    17 MOORFOOT, Maureen Jean  7 Aug 1980Geelong, Victoria, Australia P20238
    18 NAPTHINE, Margaret Mary  5 Nov 1999Geelong, Victoria, Australia P27530
    19 RICHARDS, Mildred Mata  1979Geelong, Victoria, Australia P31651
    20 SCOBLE, Dorothy  29 Aug 1992Geelong, Victoria, Australia P22130
    21 SCOBLE, Emily Elizabeth  3 Jan 2002Geelong, Victoria, Australia P22122
    22 SCOBLE, Vera Ethel  12 Jun 1997Geelong, Victoria, Australia P22123
    23 TAYLOR, Thomas Charles  1965Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10627
    24 TREMELLAN, Rachel  28 Aug 1891Geelong, Victoria, Australia P24060
    25 TREWIN, Selina Beatrice  1954Geelong, Victoria, Australia P13960
    26 TUNE, Arthur Stanley  Sep 2007Geelong, Victoria, Australia P22128
    27 VAGUE, Cherie  25 Sep 1952Geelong, Victoria, Australia P16493
    28 VIAN, Betsy  5 Apr 1910Geelong, Victoria, Australia P13720
    29 YELLAND, Edwin  1871Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10622
    30 YELLAND, Elizabeth  1900Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10613
    31 YELLAND, Fanny  25 Jul 1860Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10617
    32 YELLAND, Fredrick Charles  1 Oct 1894Geelong, Victoria, Australia P10655


    Matches 1 to 7 of 7

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BRADFORD / MITCHELL  1869Geelong, Victoria, Australia F3451
    2 DINSE / PRICE   F6525
    3 HOOPER / TREVITHICK  1855Geelong, Victoria, Australia F6412
    4 LONGMORE / MITCHELL  1878Geelong, Victoria, Australia F3487
    5 VAGUE / KELLY   F4186
    6 VAGUE / LAVARS   F4185
    7 YELLAND / DALGLEISH  31 Oct 1887Geelong, Victoria, Australia F3252

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