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    Kaniva, Victoria, Australia

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    Address, Village, Town or City : Latitude: -36.3783890968963, Longitude: 141.2371703300247


       Name   Location 
    1.Kaniva CemeteryKaniva, Victoria, Australia


    Matches 1 to 75 of 75

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BROWN, Leanne Joy   P18243
    2 BROWN, Neta Caroline  28 Mar 1912Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P17926
    3 BROWN, Stephen Noel   P18242
    4 BURGESS, Marjorie Joyce   P21024
    5 CHAMPNESS, Christopher Leigh   P21094
    6 CHAMPNESS, Denise Joan   P21050
    7 CHAMPNESS, Edward Reginald  23 Feb 1909Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P21043
    8 CHAMPNESS, Harvey George   P21091
    9 CHAMPNESS, Lynnette Marian   P21049
    10 CHAMPNESS, Rodney Donald   P21044
    11 COUTTS, Ewan McDonald   P18362
    12 DODSON, Hazel Jean   P21086
    13 FORREST, Ross Kenneth   P23939
    14 GOODWIN, Barbara Claire   P18350
    15 GOODWIN, Donald James  19 Nov 1912Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P21062
    16 GOODWIN, Garth William   P18346
    17 GOODWIN, Geoffrey Donald  14 Sep 1943Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P21064
    18 GOODWIN, Gordon George  3 Apr 1910Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P18333
    19 GOODWIN, Jennifer Frances   P18347
    20 GOODWIN, Jillian Gaye   P23962
    21 GOODWIN, Joyce Daphne   P18343
    22 GOODWIN, Lindsay Robert  1 Jul 1950Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P21066
    23 GOODWIN, Lynn Alwyn   P18348
    24 GOODWIN, Marylin Winnie  08 Nov 1947Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P21065
    25 GOODWIN, Stephen Vaughan   P18349
    26 GOODWIN, Stewart Frank   P21063
    27 GOODWIN, Travis Lindsay   P21080
    28 GOODWIN, Warren Lyall   P21067
    29 GUERIN, Colin John   P17927
    30 GUERIN, Desmond James  13 May 1925Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P17902
    31 GUERIN, Gethla Neta  25 May 1942Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P18236
    32 GUERIN, Irene Rita Lillian  5 Jun 1912Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P18265
    33 GUERIN, John Francis  1914Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P18263
    34 GUERIN, Laurence Edwin  1921Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P18267
    35 GUERIN, Phyllis Monica  6 Feb 1916Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P18266
    36 GUERIN, Susan Josephine   P18238
    37 GUERIN, Veta Mary   P18237
    38 HAWKER, Betty   P23956
    39 HENDY, Annette Fay   P21088
    40 HENDY, Barbara Jean   P21087
    41 HENDY, Barry David   P21090
    42 HENDY, Carolyn Irene   P21027
    43 HENDY, Colin Russell   P23960
    44 HENDY, Cynthia Muriel   P20969
    45 HENDY, Darryl Roger   P23957
    46 HENDY, Frank Turner  04 Oct 1918Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P20214
    47 HENDY, Graham Frank   P21089
    48 HENDY, Gweneth Eva   P20216
    49 HENDY, Janet Faye   P23959
    50 HENDY, Keith Francis   P20971
    51 HENDY, Maxwell George   P21025
    52 HENDY, Mervynne May   P20967
    53 HENDY, Norman David   P20215
    54 HENDY, Oliver Albert  23 Feb 1876Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P13811
    55 HENDY, Pamela Joyce   P21026
    56 HENDY, Rex Ernest   P20968
    57 HENDY, Roger Thomas   P20217
    58 HENDY, Susan Marjorie   P21028
    59 HENDY, Thelma Mary   P20965
    60 HENDY, Trevor Wayne   P23958
    61 HENDY, Winnie Elizabeth  27 Nov 1914Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P20213
    62 HENMAN, Margery Jean   P23918
    63 HOPKINS, Alice Lydia  23 Dec 1899Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P17901
    64 LACKMAN, Victor Hugh Gordon  1899Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P13838
    65 LACKMANN, Kathleen Miriam  1894Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P13839
    66 LACKMANN, Rupert Oswald  22 Jul 1892Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P13840
    67 LACKMANN, Sylvester Eugene  29 Sep 1896Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P13837
    68 MADDERN, Terrence John   P17907
    69 MANN, Alice Zeala  25 Jan 1891Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P13836
    70 MANN, Gertrude Irene  28 Sep 1888Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P13835
    71 O'CONNOR, Luke James   P18248
    72 ROGERS, Bevan Charles   P21096
    73 ROGERS, Craig Stephen   P21097
    74 ROGERS, Tristan Greig   P21098
    75 YELLAND, Leonard Hamilton  1894Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P12126


    Matches 1 to 9 of 9

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died:    Person ID 
    1 GOODWIN, Donald James  28 Sep 1994Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P21062
    2 GOODWIN, Lindsay Robert  2 Nov 1996Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P21066
    3 GOODWIN, Marylin Winnie  11 Nov 1947Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P21065
    4 GUERIN, John Francis  1914Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P18263
    5 GUERIN, Laurence Edwin  1921Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P18267
    6 LACKMANN, Kathleen Miriam  27 Jul 1898Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P13839
    7 ROBINSON, Sophia Susannah  25 Dec 1909Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P8196
    8 TURNER, Marian  20 Sep 1976Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P13804
    9 YELLAND, Frederick  9 May 1914Kaniva, Victoria, Australia P7398


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 HEWETT / HENDY  30 Mar 1927Kaniva, Victoria, Australia F5945

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