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    Padstow, Cornwall, England

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    Address, Village, Town or City : Latitude: 50.54206199999999, Longitude: -4.939017000000035


    Matches 1 to 13 of 13

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 CURGENVEN, Frances Alice  1879Padstow, Cornwall, England P16858
    2 CURGENVEN, George Nicholas  1881Padstow, Cornwall, England P16872
    3 CURGENVEN, Henry  1884Padstow, Cornwall, England P16873
    4 CURGENVEN, Thomas Heard  1880Padstow, Cornwall, England P16871
    5 DAVIS, John Henry  1873Padstow, Cornwall, England P16881
    6 DUNGEY, Arthur  6 Dec 1902Padstow, Cornwall, England P30460
    7 MOORE, Winifred Ada  2 Feb 1906Padstow, Cornwall, England P25211
    8 POPE, Russell  12 Mar 1878Padstow, Cornwall, England P23856
    9 WILLIAMS, Jane Warne  8 May 1879Padstow, Cornwall, England P28356
    10 WILLIAMS, Mary Caroline  27 Sep 1874Padstow, Cornwall, England P28353
    11 WILLIAMS, Richard Rundle  9 Mar 1876Padstow, Cornwall, England P28354
    12 WILLIAMS, Thomas Harold  8 Apr 1882Padstow, Cornwall, England P28355
    13 YELLAND, Maggie  Abt 1893Padstow, Cornwall, England P8815


    Matches 1 to 26 of 26

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
    1 CHAPMAN, Rebekah  12 Mar 1792Padstow, Cornwall, England P28878
    2 DAVIS, Bessie  19 Sep 1875Padstow, Cornwall, England P16882
    3 DUNGEY, Arthur  27 Jun 1903Padstow, Cornwall, England P30460
    4 MARTYN, William  22 Aug 1817Padstow, Cornwall, England P18715
    5 MOORE, Winifred Ada  17 Mar 1906Padstow, Cornwall, England P25211
    6 ROUNCEVALL, Elizabeth  15 Nov 1600Padstow, Cornwall, England P29310
    7 ROUNCEVALL, Gregorye  24 Dec 1617Padstow, Cornwall, England P4869
    8 ROUNCEVALL, Joan  13 Jan 1604Padstow, Cornwall, England P29312
    9 ROUNCEVALL, Philip  19 Nov 1620Padstow, Cornwall, England P29315
    10 ROUNCEVALL, Richard  6 May 1610Padstow, Cornwall, England P29314
    11 ROUNCEVALL, Richard  18 Apr 1659Padstow, Cornwall, England P4872
    12 ROUNCEVALL, Richo  24 Sep 1607Padstow, Cornwall, England P29313
    13 ROUNCEVALL, Roger  16 Apr 1615Padstow, Cornwall, England P29316
    14 ROUNCEVALL, Thomas  24 Dec 1600Padstow, Cornwall, England P29309
    15 ROUNCEVALL, Unreadable  15 Aug 1612Padstow, Cornwall, England P29317
    16 ROUNCEVALL, Walter  17 Nov 1602Padstow, Cornwall, England P29311
    17 ROUNSEFULL, Mary  29 Aug 1656Padstow, Cornwall, England P4871
    18 ROUNSEVALL, Jane  19 Jan 1663/64Padstow, Cornwall, England P369
    19 ROUNSEVALL, Unknown  15 Oct 1661Padstow, Cornwall, England P4873
    20 WILLIAMS, David  21 Feb 1840Padstow, Cornwall, England P27942
    21 WILLIAMS, Jane Warne  6 Aug 1879Padstow, Cornwall, England P28356
    22 WILLIAMS, John  9 Sep 1836Padstow, Cornwall, England P27940
    23 WILLIAMS, Mary Caroline  25 Dec 1874Padstow, Cornwall, England P28353
    24 WILLIAMS, Richard  30 Apr 1838Padstow, Cornwall, England P27941
    25 WILLIAMS, Richard Rundle  18 Apr 1876Padstow, Cornwall, England P28354
    26 WILLIAMS, Thomas Harold  1 Jun 1882Padstow, Cornwall, England P28355


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died:    Person ID 
    1 POPE, Russell  3 Jun 1955Padstow, Cornwall, England P23856
    2 WARNE, Ann  5 Jul 1858Padstow, Cornwall, England P6323
    3 WARNE, Richard  5 Sep 1858Padstow, Cornwall, England P26276


    Matches 1 to 6 of 6

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried:    Person ID 
    1 Jane  15 Jan 1658Padstow, Cornwall, England P29255
    2 CURGENVEN, Mary Ann  5 Jan 1879Padstow, Cornwall, England P16855
    3 HEARD, Sarah Anne  16 Oct 1887Padstow, Cornwall, England P16857
    4 OSBORNE, Elizabeth  20 Dec 1874Padstow, Cornwall, England P16879
    5 ROUNCEVALL, Richard  5 Mar 1658Padstow, Cornwall, England P4874
    6 WILLIAMS, Jane Warne  8 Jun 1958Padstow, Cornwall, England P28356


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 CURGENVEN / OSBORNE  6 Jan 1873Padstow, Cornwall, England F4946
    2 EDYVEAN / CHAPMAN  25 May 1816Padstow, Cornwall, England F8532
    3 ROUNCEVALL / OLVER  13 Nov 1655Padstow, Cornwall, England F140

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