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    Pennsylvania, USA

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     : Latitude: 40.937118189551214, Longitude: -77.7727746963501


    Matches 1 to 83 of 83

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Ethel J.  Abt 1897Pennsylvania, USA P22799
    2 BAKER, Chester Forrest  1891Pennsylvania, USA P21713
    3 BAKER, William Flaville  14 Feb 1888Pennsylvania, USA P23408
    4 BARNES, Florence  Abt 1884Pennsylvania, USA P21612
    5 BRENTON, Mary Ellen  Apr 1886Pennsylvania, USA P28100
    6 DAVIE, Christina Cameron  1 Aug 1871Pennsylvania, USA P28649
    7 DICKEY, Christopher Franklin  Pennsylvania, USA P20147
    8 DOWNING, Raymond  Abt 1899Pennsylvania, USA P22801
    9 DUNGEY, Bessie E.  30 Jan 1892Pennsylvania, USA P28650
    10 DUNGEY, Elwood E.  5 Feb 1924Pennsylvania, USA P22743
    11 DUNGEY, Herbert  12 Dec 1901Pennsylvania, USA P28654
    12 DUNGEY, Leona G.  11 Sep 1915Pennsylvania, USA P22741
    13 DUNGEY, Martha  Abt 1844Pennsylvania, USA P33303
    14 DUNGEY, Sarah  Abt 1848Pennsylvania, USA P33304
    15 ENGLISH, Deanna K.   P33000
    16 ENGLISH, Joanne C.   P33001
    17 ENGLISH, Kim M.   P33002
    18 FARRADAY, Martha A.  Abt 1839Pennsylvania, USA P10522
    19 FLAVILL, Alphonso D.  25 Aug 1866Pennsylvania, USA P21542
    20 FLAVILL, Cordelia  24 May 1859Pennsylvania, USA P10524
    21 FLAVILL, Edward Joy Morris  17 Sep 1857Pennsylvania, USA P10523
    22 FLAVILL, Emma  Abt 1846Pennsylvania, USA P10519
    23 FORD, Edward  Abt 1850Pennsylvania, USA P10521
    24 HALBERT, Luella Orien  28 Aug 1886Pennsylvania, USA P31166
    25 HOOPER, Albert John  Abt 1874Pennsylvania, USA P24546
    26 HOOPER, Benjamin R.  Sep 1890Pennsylvania, USA P29710
    27 HOOPER, Edna Beryl  1880Pennsylvania, USA P29726
    28 HOOPER, Elsa May  1903Pennsylvania, USA P29719
    29 HOOPER, Helen  Abt 1915Pennsylvania, USA P29724
    30 HOOPER, Henrietta  1882Pennsylvania, USA P29727
    31 HOOPER, John Elbert  1906Pennsylvania, USA P29721
    32 HOOPER, Joseph Charles  1912Pennsylvania, USA P29723
    33 HOOPER, Joseph Ephraim  1884Pennsylvania, USA P29728
    34 HOOPER, Margaret  1885Pennsylvania, USA P29729
    35 HOOPER, Margaret Louise  1916Pennsylvania, USA P29725
    36 HOOPER, Mary Beryl  1905Pennsylvania, USA P29720
    37 HOOPER, Not recorded  1888Pennsylvania, USA P29730
    38 HOOPER, Not recorded  1901Pennsylvania, USA P29731
    39 HOOPER, Raymond  Abt 1923Pennsylvania, USA P29733
    40 HOOPER, Robert Tyler  1908Pennsylvania, USA P29722
    41 HOOPER, Wilbur Earl  1902Pennsylvania, USA P29732
    42 HOSKIN, Alice M.  Dec 1899Pennsylvania, USA P13156
    43 HOSKIN, Annie  Jun 1893Pennsylvania, USA P13153
    44 HOSKIN, John  Nov 1891Pennsylvania, USA P13152
    45 HOSKIN, Lillie  Jul 1895Pennsylvania, USA P13154
    46 HOSKIN, Miriam  Jun 1890Pennsylvania, USA P13151
    47 HOSKIN, Raymond  19 Feb 1897Pennsylvania, USA P13155
    48 JAYNE, Samuel Charles  5 Jul 1897Pennsylvania, USA P22762
    49 JOHNSON, Casper Mead  1 Dec 1847Pennsylvania, USA P26112
    50 KERNER, Emma  Abt 1902Pennsylvania, USA P28657
    51 KNIGHT, William John  Sep 1871Pennsylvania, USA P24549
    52 KOONS, Chester  Dec 1891Pennsylvania, USA P21813
    53 MERICAL, Ruth  1 Apr 1891Pennsylvania, USA P22755
    54 OSMAN, Albert William  24 Feb 1929Pennsylvania, USA P28683
    55 PACE, Dana A.  21 Jan 1921Pennsylvania, USA P22757
    56 PRIZER, William Levis  Abt 1854Pennsylvania, USA P18792
    57 RINKER, Mary Margaret  Mar 1853Pennsylvania, USA P29709
    58 RUNDLE, Albert Sowden  24 Oct 1899Pennsylvania, USA P22737
    59 RUNDLE, Ruth E.  Jun 1897Pennsylvania, USA P22736
    60 RUNDLE, William J.  8 Apr 1901Pennsylvania, USA P22738
    61 SCHEFFLER, Herbert Emil  17 Sep 1917Pennsylvania, USA P19555
    62 SCHULTZ, Buffy   P33005
    63 SCHULTZ, Tammy   P33004
    64 SNYDER, Anna M.  1904Pennsylvania, USA P25175
    65 SNYDER, Arthur   P25174
    66 SNYDER, Bessie M.  May 1900Pennsylvania, USA P25170
    67 SNYDER, Ethel M.  Feb 1896Pennsylvania, USA P25168
    68 SNYDER, Frances  Abt 1907Pennsylvania, USA P25172
    69 SNYDER, George  Abt 1903Pennsylvania, USA P25171
    70 SNYDER, James  Abt 1910Pennsylvania, USA P25173
    71 SNYDER, Louis W.  1874Pennsylvania, USA P25167
    72 SNYDER, Louis W.  Sep 1897Pennsylvania, USA P25169
    73 STOTT, Ruth M.  Abt 1919Pennsylvania, USA P29717
    74 THOMAS, William H.  8 Apr 1887Pennsylvania, USA P28656
    75 TRAINER, Franklin L.  May 1876Pennsylvania, USA P21812
    76 WAGNER, John  Abt 1872Pennsylvania, USA P26632
    77 WATKINS, Morgan  Abt 1879Pennsylvania, USA P22788
    78 WERRY, Carolyn M.  6 Feb 1905Pennsylvania, USA P22764
    79 YELLAND, Idah  Nov 1875Pennsylvania, USA P21330
    80 YELLAND, John H.  Oct 1870Pennsylvania, USA P21327
    81 YELLAND, Katie  25 Jul 1872Pennsylvania, USA P21328
    82 YELLAND, Mary  22 Aug 1886Pennsylvania, USA P22590
    83 YELLAND, Norman Lloyd   P33013


    Matches 1 to 26 of 26

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died:    Person ID 
    1 BULLOCK, David  25 Aug 1847Pennsylvania, USA P6007
    2 BULLOCK, Thomas  6 Jun 1847Pennsylvania, USA P6006
    3 DUMBLE, Bessey  1932Pennsylvania, USA P21721
    4 DUNGEY, Edward Wilbur  1960Pennsylvania, USA P22729
    5 DUNGEY, Inez Dorothy  3 Sep 1974Pennsylvania, USA P28658
    6 FLAVILL, Edward Joy Morris  07 Jul 1864Pennsylvania, USA P10523
    7 HOOPER, Edna Beryl  1880Pennsylvania, USA P29726
    8 HOOPER, Henrietta  1892Pennsylvania, USA P29727
    9 HOOPER, Joseph Ephraim  1884Pennsylvania, USA P29728
    10 HOOPER, Margaret  1892Pennsylvania, USA P29729
    11 HOOPER, Not recorded  1888Pennsylvania, USA P29730
    12 HOOPER, Not recorded  1901Pennsylvania, USA P29731
    13 HOOPER, Philippa  16 Mar 1924Pennsylvania, USA P710
    14 HOUSER, Carol Lester  1930Pennsylvania, USA P28655
    15 PEARN, Anna  1955Pennsylvania, USA P22787
    16 PEARN, William Thomas  Pennsylvania, USA P22785
    17 SNYDER, Anna M.  1920Pennsylvania, USA P25175
    18 SNYDER, Louis W.  1955Pennsylvania, USA P25167
    19 THOMAS, William H.  22 Oct 1969Pennsylvania, USA P28656
    20 TRETHEWEY, Alma Kate  Bef 1900Pennsylvania, USA P21809
    21 TRETHEWEY, Bertha Jane  19 Mar 1941Pennsylvania, USA P21811
    22 TRETHEWEY, Elizabeth Mary  1932Pennsylvania, USA P5286
    23 TRETHEWEY, Thomas William  Bef 1900Pennsylvania, USA P21810
    24 WATKINS, Morgan  Abt 1961Pennsylvania, USA P22788
    25 WILBUR, Caroline  7 Oct 2018Pennsylvania, USA P32605
    26 YELLAND, Anne Maria  14 Jan 1934Pennsylvania, USA P9597


    Matches 1 to 10 of 10

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 DUNGEY / LANGDON  27 Jan 1915Pennsylvania, USA F6697
    2 ENGLISH / YELLAND  10 Apr 1945Pennsylvania, USA F9104
    3 HOOPER / RINKER  Abt 1876Pennsylvania, USA F8773
    4 HOOPER / TYLER  21 Nov 1900Pennsylvania, USA F8776
    5 KNIGHT / COUCH  17 Sep 1870Pennsylvania, USA F7214
    6 KOONS / TRETHEWEY  16 Jan 1890Pennsylvania, USA F6404
    7 RUNDLE / DUNGEY  1897Pennsylvania, USA F6695
    8 SNYDER / DUMBLE  Abt 1895Pennsylvania, USA F7405
    9 TRETHEWEY / CAPEL  1871Pennsylvania, USA F1737
    10 YELLAND / KIEBLER   F9804

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